Amelia Dior Keown was only 16 years old when her life was taken by someone who should not have been on the road. This website is dedicated to her memory and to the fight to have Amelia's Law passed. A law which would keep repeat offenders behind bars if they have shown to be a danger to the public.

Amelia Dior Keown was only 16 years old when her life was taken by someone who should not have been on the road. This website is dedicated to her memory and to the fight to have Amelia's Law passed. A law which would keep repeat offenders behind bars if they have shown to be a danger to the public.

Amelia was a member of the William Blount High School dance team. She was the spirit leader and is truly missed by all of her team members, friends, and family. Help us honor Amelia by passing Amelia's Law in hopes of saving future innocent lives.

Amelia hoped to one day become a nurse to help other people. She always wanted to help everyone around her. It is our turn to help her by preventing future deaths by convicted felons that should otherwise remain in jail. Help our fight by signing our petition today!

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Make a change! Stand up and sign the petition to add more felonies to the 3 strikes your out law in the State of Tennessee!

Our Cause

On August 14th, 2012 my daughter Amelia Keown was killed on Hwy 411 in Maryville TN. She was hit head on by a man who was running from the police. He had a 9 page Tennessee criminal history with numerous felonies. Had the parole board not given him early release for a 2 week aggravated robbery crime spree he did in 2005, he still would have been in prison and my daughter would have been safe.

Our judges and parole boards need to sentence these criminals correctly and have them serve their time. Had he been served with Tennessee State Statute criminal penalties, he would still be in prison, not eligible for early release until 2015. Had the parole board looked at his record ( and they had to have) I can not understand how they let him out. This man died too, and this is not about him at this point. If he was out, how many others just like him are out? We have to stand together as citizens of Tennessee and demand safety on our roads for our families and children.

Amelia was an honor roll student, on the dance team, a member of HOSA with plans to become a nurse. She always helped anyone who needed it. She was just going home from school to get her pom poms for dance practice. This man was a career criminal, who in addition to his felonies, had numerous wrecks all with the same pattern. He never touched his brakes, he just hit people. And he said several times it was a “mechanical failure”. We have to do something because our State Government will NOT unless we make a stand.

Please help me pass Amelias Law so that her death is not in vain. Our community lost a beautiful bright girl that day who will never be able to show the world what she was capable of. I don’t want another family going through what I am going through now. This never should have happened, and I hold our State Government just as responsible as I do the man that killed her that day. My intent is to have the law changed in her name to include ANY felony which endangers the public.

The current 3 strikes your out law includes a specific list of felonies, however they did not include aggravated robbery, attempted robbery, or drugs which this man had numerous charges of all as well as fleeing the police several times and felony escape. In the eyes of Tennessee his crimes weren’t “bad” enough, and look at the cost of letting him out. Amelia lost her life, and no one else needs to because of something like this.

Amelia’s Law AD to run in local paper

Below is the ad that will run in the Tidbits newspaper that will be distributed in Blount County on Saturday September 29th, 2012 and will run for 4 weeks. Thank you to the business’s who have sponsored this ad!

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YouTube channel updated

Our YouTube channel has been updated with two videos from last nights media coverage of the meeting with Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey.  Please visit our YouTube channel by CLICKING HERE to view all the videos.

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Amelia Keown’s family takes law proposal to the capitol

Written by: WBIR.COM
A family struck by tragedy is now working to prevent others from suffering their same loss.
“Amelia’s Law,” named after 16-year old Amelia Keown who was killed in a head-on collision in August, is a push to keep repeat felony offenders off the road.
“I’m going to get a change in the system so that another family does not have to lose a …

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Family Petitions For ‘Amelia’s Law’ After Daughter Dies In Wreck

by Emily Luxen
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A Tennessee family is fighting to preserve a teenager’s legacy while bringing big changes to the state’s justice system.
16-year-old Amelia Keown was killed August 14 near Knoxville after she was hit head on by another driver going 75 miles per hour.  That driver, John Perkins, had a lengthy criminal history that included multiple traffic violations and several charges …

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Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey Supports Amelia’s Law

6 News Investigator
NASHVILLE (WATE) – The mother and grandfather of Amelia Keown were at the state capitol Wednesday continuing their crusade for “Amelia’s Law,” a proposal that would keep felons in prison longer.
On August 14, Amelia was hit head-on outside Maryville on U.S. Highway 411. The driver of the vehicle that struck Amelia, John Perkins, also died. Perkins had …

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Benefit Ride Tribute Video Released

On September 16th, 2012 the community came together to celebrate Amelia’s life and support her family by having a Bike Ride Benefit. Below is a tribute video highlighting the day. Feel free to watch and share!

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BREAKING NEWS: Meetings set up for family by state officials

Rep. Bob Ramsey  Rep of Maryville -(District 20) has reached out to the family of Amelia Keown. A meeting has been set up for Friday October 5th 2012 in Nashville.
Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee and Speaker of the State Senate Ron Ramsey has set up an appointment to meet with the family in Nashville on September 26th, 2012.
We are very thankful …

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Mom petitions for “Amelia’s Law” after daughter dies in wreck

Written by Eleanor Beck  - Source: WBIR Channel 10
A Maryville mom is working to change state law after a man with an extensive criminal record hit and killed her 16-year-old daughter.
Amelia Keown died in an August 14th wreck on Highway 411 while on her way home to pick up her pom poms for after school dance practice.
At first Amanda Moore …

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Petition reaches over 5,900 signatures

As of this morning, Amelia’s Law as reached over 5,900 signatures. 4,092 signatures are needed so please help us stand up and make a change! Together we can make a difference!

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Welcome to our site

Welcome to This is site was started as a dedication to the life of Amelia Keown and our fight to prevent future deaths like hers by changing our judicial system. The 3 strikes your out law is missing crucial information needed to save lives. We need your help in petitioning the State of Tennessee to change these laws. Thank …

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