Amelia Dior Keown was only 16 years old when her life was taken by someone who should not have been on the road. This website is dedicated to her memory and to the fight to have Amelia's Law passed. A law which would keep repeat offenders behind bars if they have shown to be a danger to the public.

Amelia Dior Keown was only 16 years old when her life was taken by someone who should not have been on the road. This website is dedicated to her memory and to the fight to have Amelia's Law passed. A law which would keep repeat offenders behind bars if they have shown to be a danger to the public.

Amelia was a member of the William Blount High School dance team. She was the spirit leader and is truly missed by all of her team members, friends, and family. Help us honor Amelia by passing Amelia's Law in hopes of saving future innocent lives.

Amelia hoped to one day become a nurse to help other people. She always wanted to help everyone around her. It is our turn to help her by preventing future deaths by convicted felons that should otherwise remain in jail. Help our fight by signing our petition today!

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Make a change! Stand up and sign the petition to add more felonies to the 3 strikes your out law in the State of Tennessee!

Our Cause

On August 14th, 2012 my daughter Amelia Keown was killed on Hwy 411 in Maryville TN. She was hit head on by a man who was running from the police. He had a 9 page Tennessee criminal history with numerous felonies. Had the parole board not given him early release for a 2 week aggravated robbery crime spree he did in 2005, he still would have been in prison and my daughter would have been safe.

Our judges and parole boards need to sentence these criminals correctly and have them serve their time. Had he been served with Tennessee State Statute criminal penalties, he would still be in prison, not eligible for early release until 2015. Had the parole board looked at his record ( and they had to have) I can not understand how they let him out. This man died too, and this is not about him at this point. If he was out, how many others just like him are out? We have to stand together as citizens of Tennessee and demand safety on our roads for our families and children.

Amelia was an honor roll student, on the dance team, a member of HOSA with plans to become a nurse. She always helped anyone who needed it. She was just going home from school to get her pom poms for dance practice. This man was a career criminal, who in addition to his felonies, had numerous wrecks all with the same pattern. He never touched his brakes, he just hit people. And he said several times it was a “mechanical failure”. We have to do something because our State Government will NOT unless we make a stand.

Please help me pass Amelias Law so that her death is not in vain. Our community lost a beautiful bright girl that day who will never be able to show the world what she was capable of. I don’t want another family going through what I am going through now. This never should have happened, and I hold our State Government just as responsible as I do the man that killed her that day. My intent is to have the law changed in her name to include ANY felony which endangers the public.

The current 3 strikes your out law includes a specific list of felonies, however they did not include aggravated robbery, attempted robbery, or drugs which this man had numerous charges of all as well as fleeing the police several times and felony escape. In the eyes of Tennessee his crimes weren’t “bad” enough, and look at the cost of letting him out. Amelia lost her life, and no one else needs to because of something like this.

Tenn. House expected to approve Amelia’s Law Thursday

6 News Reporter
MARYVILLE (WATE) – The Tennessee General Assembly is nearing a vote on Amelia’s Law, named in memory of Amelia Keown. The Maryville teenager was killed in a car wreck by a prison parolee in August 2012.
While there have been setbacks for Amelia’s mother about getting the bill passed, she says she’s never given up hope.
Amelia Keown …

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Amelia’s Law Expected to Pass This Month

Amelia’s Law is expected to pass this month. The law specifically states that after July 1, 2014, and person who is released on parole where drugs or alcohol influenced their crimes, or that has a longstanding history of abuse, will be required to wear a trans-dermal monitoring device that will check them EVERY HALF HOUR for drugs or alcohol. This …

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Happy Birthday Amelia!

Happy Birthday Amelia, you are forever in our hearts. Words can not express how much you are loved, and we know that you are watching over each of us as we travel down this long road to help save lives in the future. We celebrate your birth, your life, and your love.

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State Senate
State of Tennessee
For Immediate Release
March 20, 2013
Contact: Darlene Schlicher
(615) 741-6336
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Senate Judiciary Committee approved legislation on
Wednesday sponsored by Senator Doug Overbey (R-Maryville) that would have
tightened the operations of the Board of Probation and Parole in regards to the granting of
parole for certain …

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Walk like MADD with Team Amelia

Walk Like MADD with Team Amelia!
Join us on Saturday, April 20th, 2013 in Knoxville for the 2013 Knoxville Walk like MADD event. Help Team Amelia in this life changing walk!
Team Amelia will be walking in the beautiful West Hills Park located in Knoxville just off North Winston Road. We look forward to seeing you there!
Registration begins Saturday morning at 9:30 …

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Rep. Ramsey working on ‘Amelia’s Law’

Rep. Ramsey working on ‘Amelia’s Law’
By Joel Davis | (

Blount County’s representatives will be involved with a variety of bills during the 108th session of the Tennessee Legislature, which convened at noon on Tuesday

State Rep. Robert Ramsey, R-Maryville, said he is among a group of legislators working with the family of Amelia Keown, a 16-year-old William Blount High School junior …

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‘Sign of respect’: William Blount restores student memorial courtyard

By Matthew Stewart | (
William Blount High School’s students are doing their part to honor their school as well as students who died while attending the high school.
Students in Billy Coning’s landscaping class have revitalized the memorial courtyard outside the main building. The high-schoolers have worked on the project for the past nine weeks.
Coning’s class split into five groups and …

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‘Amelia’s Law’ tops local stories of 2012

(Source: The Daily Times)
‘Amelia’s Law’ tops local stories of 2012
By Joel Davis | (
The top 10 local news stories that marked 2012 reveal the story of a year of tragedies and accomplishments, community controversies and some farewells.
Amelia’s law
1) Sixteen-year-old Amelia Dior Keown, a beloved William Blount High School junior, died Aug. 15 in a head-on collision on U.S. Highway 411 …

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Tragedies focus attention on sentencing laws


Jan. 06, 2013 @ 11:01 AM


Both the driver, 45-year-old Jeffrey Tressell, and a passenger, 16-year-old Courteney Kaliszewski, died on Sept. 16 in this van when 21-year-old Tyler Schaeffer veered into the oncoming lane and struck the van head-on. Schaeffer was out of jail on probation from burglary and robbery charges when the accident occurred.

This vehicle was invovled in …

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Victim’s family hopes to see changes made

For Wayne Keown, once known to fans of professional wrestling as Dutch Mantel, the death of a beloved granddaughter has led to a real-life battle that’s called on his skill at getting a point across in an interview and other skills he didn’t know he had.
Amelia Keown, his 16-year-old granddaughter, died Aug. 14 in a wreck on Highway 411 in …

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